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Way Back Into Love

Posted in ÂM NHẠC VÀ CUỘC SỐNG lúc 4:00 p08 bởi tuanhungbad

Today is a free day so i’m going to show you all an old song (actually it’s still new but for a month) which called Way Back Into Love, played by Haley Bennett & Hugh Grant ….Some of you have known this song before and i’m sure that today you wanna hear it again with us.I’ve been hearing this song since i watched the Movie named Music & Lyrics on ephim.com.The movie was…outstanding, it was watched 2 times the next day and the melody of songs drive me crazy.So today we’re going to hear the most romantic song that you haven’t heard before…Enjoy it


p/s: the loading quite take time so…please wait…nếu đợi ko được thì vào đây 😉


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